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We have accumulated over the years extensive experience in all kinds of industrial automation systems, through to water treatment and electrical panels building. And now, as energy is becoming a more and more valuable commodity, we stepped into renewables and energy efficiency solutions.


We have a solid engineering background coupled with a highly skilled team of engineers and technicians to make sure all your requirements are realised

Cost Effective

All engineering and procurement is done in-house, we operate with very low overheads to keep the cost down

Outstanding quality of our systems

Our suppliers are the best in their class, our standards are the highest and the technology we use is always one step ahead.

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What we do

Check Apex Energy services and solar solutions

Solar Energy

Design, Supply and Install on-grid residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural and utility Solar Systems

Pannel Building

We build electrical panels obeying strict rules to meet your requirements

Water Treatment

In partnership with Hong Jun water treatment company in China, we offer a full range of water treatment solutions


We offer complete automation solutions for machines and plants alike

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