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About US

Apex Energy started in 2009 as a small business targeting factories and industrial automation processes. Cumulated years of experience in Electrical engineering, machines and processes, and electrical control equipment were the founding block of our company.

From the start, we tried to fill the gap in the Lebanese market for industrial automation system integrators.

And as a natural evolution, we started expanding into all sorts of electrical panel building and general electrical contracting.

In Early 2014, we identified the need and importance of sustainability and energy efficiency and we started our venture into PV Solar Systems of all kinds and sizes to reach a portfolio of around 12MW of installed solar systems in Lebanon and abroad and become a leader in this field. 


Small and steady steps lead to achieving great goals

Partnering with key players was always our focus, and for that we have teamed up with Hong Jun Water to offer our clients water treatment solutions of all kinds .