Q. Can Solar On-grid systems save me money

In places where net-metering is adopted, a properly sized on-grid system can Zero the electricity bill.

On the other hand, if net-metering is not an option, on-grid systems can still save money, but not the total bill.

Q. What is the best solar panel brand available in the market?

PV technology is a very mature technology, it has been around for quite some years.

As a result, there are so many good brands available in the market like Jinko Solar, Trina Solar, ZN Shine Solar, RECOM Solar and many others.

The PV panels we use for our projects are always from Tiers 1 classified suppliers and always use GRADE A cells

Q. What is the best inverter available in the market?

 Like with PV panels, many good inverters are available in the market like Huawei, Schneider, ABB, Kako, Solis, and many more.

But what really matters is the after-sales service level offered for each one of these because even the best inverter in the world will eventually need maintenance and repair.

With the inverters that we use, we keep a high level of spares for same-day replacement and we also do the service and repair inhouse saving months and months of waiting to receive an under warranty replacement.

Q. What is the best battery that can be used with a solar system?

The first answer that comes to mind for this question is definitely "Lithium batteries", but after a second thought, although Lithium is the most superior battery, sometimes it is too expensive to use.

So whatever the battery we use, we need to make sure it is of good quality, of the best in its class and has good deep cycle characterisitcs and that we use the proper charger to suit our battery.